5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Piece of the Metaverse

5 min readAug 12, 2022


The Metaverse has quickly become an online place where people from around the globe are able to connect to the crypto space in countless ways. Now, anyone can become part of the Metaverse and join millions of others in an online social space where anything is potentially possible from buying digital land, creating a unique online NFT avatar, and even possible real-world applications like joining exclusive clubs and events. There is a multitude of reasons why getting your hands on a piece of the Metaverse for yourself is definitely a good idea, but just as a light start, here are 5 reasons why you should own a piece of the Metaverse.

1. Access to exclusive clubs, groups, special events, rewards, and more

When it comes to exclusivity and rewards, most people would say that having access to fun perks whether it be online or in the real world is definitely a bonus when joining a club or a group. In today’s NFT space, many purchases within the Metaverse can come with special rewards and advantages when you own a specific NFT or piece of land within a GameFi platform or NFT project. Many in the crypto world will know that the Bored Ape Watch Club, an exclusive club for those who have purchased one of the now famous Bored Ape NFTs, grants access to a list of perks and bonuses including invites to events. With MetaFame as an example, players will not only be able to create their own PFP NFTs, (Profile Picture NFT), but will also be able to gain access to exclusive and collectable celebrity FT clips.

2. You can become pretty much any character you can imagine within the Metaverse

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live life as a 9 ft tall warrior ogre? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to grow your own set of wings to fly? Maybe you’re curious about what it would be like to live life as a bug? Whatever comes to mind, you could potentially be within the gaming Metaverse. The GameFi space as a whole allows anyone to become practically anything that they can imagine, but within the Metaverse, that imaginative potential can be transformed into an NFT that you can share and trade with the world, or you could add a special utility to your unique character that makes it even more valuable.

3. You can meet others from around the world that share the same interests as you and earn rewards while interacting with new people

As carbon-based lifeforms, social interaction is an important part of our everyday lives, whether it’s online or in real life. Many people turn to the internet to find their niche interests and engage in groups that have a common interest. Cooking, skiing, hiking, Pinterest projects, cat videos…whatever the interest may be, most people enjoy the inclusivity that can happen when you are interacting with peers of a like mind. The Metaverse is not just a place for avid crypto gamers and investors, it is also an online social space where you can have an interesting conversation with a fellow

MetaFame player that lives on the other side of the world or maybe join an NFT chat group.

With P2E (Play to Earn) gaming becoming a major part of the Metaverse realm, many people are turning to online gaming for its’ earning potential and utilizing their online gaming skills to earn some extra dough. With the growing amount of Metaverse gaming platforms that have been released within the past few years, and many more to come, people from around the globe can not only interact with an online community and friends in distant countries but also potentially earn money while doing so.

4. Becoming an owner of a digital asset in the Metaverse can move you forward towards the future of online transactions

The internet is a vast space where massive amounts of information are exchanged between millions of people every second. With so much data floating through the web, security and proof of ownership is an important part of handling sensitive information. Within the Metaverse, all transactions from simple to complex can be made more secure with blockchain technology by keeping proof of ownership in your very own hands. For example: as of now, if you purchase an NFT, that NFT is yours and yours alone until you decide to relinquish ownership by trading or

selling it. Now, what if that same secure system were to be applied to a mortgage on a house? Or maybe you want a secure way to prove that you are the original owner of your car? The blockchain technology that is utilized within the Metaverse not only has life-changing applications in the digital space but possible real-world applications for the future as well.

5. Bragging rights in the new digital age

Think about it…how cool would it be if you were able to say that you get to spend part of your days playing games as an online celebrity, a spy, or a giant purple cat with horns and earning rewards in the process? Being a tech savvy person in this day and age can gain you some major advantages, whether its’ landing an awesome promotion at work because you decided to take that extra computer course or being able to work from home. Those out there that are lucky enough to be professional online gamers would probably say that becoming part of the GameFi/Meta space has changed their lives for the better just by simply jumping into the Metaverse and joining others from around the world with the same sentiment. The great thing about the Metaverse is…you don’t have to be a professional gamer or a computer genius to become part of the future of online interaction and gaming.

Our current digital age is now on a fast track towards a meta future. NFTs, cryptocurrency, online financial management, and blockchain security are all part of the future of the Metaverse. From joining exclusive clubs and groups where you can interact with others of a like mind to having a more secure way to maintain your important personal information, the Metaverse has become the next major step in the future of online social interaction, GameFi, and financial security.

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