MetaFame, the first Celebrity Metaverse

2 min readMar 22, 2022


Have you ever wanted the opportunity to meet your favorite online
influencer or celebrity? MetaFame, the virtual celebrity MetaVerse game that will allow players to interact with influencers and celebrities from around the world.

As a player, your goal will be to befriend celebrities and influencers and
help build their reputation while earning rewards like collectable celebrity NFT video clips, find and claim prime real estate on the MetaFame Open Street Map where players will be able to spot celebrities, earn in-game currency, earn BMF, the official token of MetaFame. Holders of the BMF token will have the opportunity to stake their tokens to potentially earn more rewards in the future or exchange BMF tokens for Clout, the in-game token that will allow players to upgrade their characters and earn even more high raking rewards.

Each NFT film piece contains a unique digital signature that may be an
exclusive one of a kind or a limited set of photos or videos. They can also
be traded or sold on the NFT marketplace to increase your NFT collection!
In order to earn the rewards, players will have to create a character from
one of the three factions: agents, fans, or photographers and compete
with other players/opposing factions to gain favors with the celebrities
that they choose.

With deeper and richer core gameplay tactics compared to Axie Infinity,
diverse character progression, enhanced monetization with cryptocurrency, and top visual quality fitted and optimized on all
platforms, MetaFame is set to be a big player in the MetaVerse realm for
celebrities, influencers, and fans alike.

Build friendships with celebrities and influencers from around the world in
this pay-to-play and free-to-play MetaVerse, and earn great rewards
along the way! Who knows…maybe you can become meta-famous with MetaFame.