MetaFame x Velhalla, Conquering the MetaVerse

1 min readApr 15, 2022

MetaFame… the upcoming interactive celebrity and influencer MetaVerse has not even launched yet and is already ahead of its time by partnering with not just one major MetaVerse project…but two! It’s official…MetaFame will be partnering with the highly anticipated Viking-cyborg-themed Velhalla MetaVerse!

With this partnership, both MetaFame and Velhalla will gain the ability to expand and combine different worlds within the NFT gaming MetaVerse. Velhalla’s one-of-a-kind planetary NFT realm and MetaFame’s groundbreaking meta/NFT-based celebrity interaction genre have the ability to open up a whole new section of NFT gaming that will allow holders and players to dive deeper into the world of NFT gaming.

With the launch of MetaFame only one day away and two partnerships already in the works, it seems that The Fates that have smiled upon Velhalla are now turning their attention towards MetaFame as well.